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Could a mobile application help you as a lawyer catch the attention of accident victim’s right after their injury occurs? The answer is yes - the more available you are to smartphone users, the greater your chances of getting the business by an accident victim or one of their family members.

As a personal injury attorney, you deal with accident victims all the time – so you know how stressed and frustrated they can be after a serious accident. You probably do everything in your power to set their mind at ease and help them feel like you’re taking care of their problems. You can guess that they don’t have the time nor interest in struggling with a difficult website from the browser on their phone to find help, so they won’t give a clunky mobile website the time of day. However, if they had your clean and easy to navigate mobile application they would be more likely to ask for your help.

How injury victims could use a mobile phone immediately after an accident

There are several different ways that your potential clients and their families could use their mobile phones after a serious accident:

If they have your mobile app installed because they are a previous client or the friend or family member of a previous client, or if they got your app from your marketing materials, they could use it to report the accident and get help immediately. With a properly designed mobile app, you could provide a much-needed service to the victim.

If they’re involved in a wreck and sense that there is going to be a problem, they might want to look for a lawyer immediately. Some victims won’t wait to get home to their laptop or PC, which means you would stand out amongst your competition with a strong mobile presence to capture their attention as they search for legal help on their smartphone.

The victim’s family members could start looking for an attorney on their smartphones while waiting for the victim to recover. If they are waiting at a family member’s house or in a hospital, they may not have their laptop or PC and will be relying on their smartphone to find the help and advice they need.

Top 5 Benefits of Creating a Mobile Application for Your Law Firm

Let’s look at some of the major advantages to having your own mobile application:

Brands your law firm.
Believe it or not, you are a brand. You need to create awareness about your law practice and who you are, as an attorney. Mobile apps for Lawyers gives the opportunity to create greater visibility and strengthen your brand.

Gives you access to a growing market. All signs are pointing to the continuous growth of the mobile market. People rely more heavily on their smartphones than they are on their PCs and laptops. A mobile application will help you stay in front of mobile users.

Engages your prospects. Mobile apps for lawyers provide helpful tools and information, and you are going above and beyond for your potential clients. You are actually able to engage them.

Keeps you in your clients’ minds. The competition is fierce within the legal field. Your past, present and future clients are presented with countless lawyer advertisements and websites. A mobile application keeps you directly in their mind so they forget about all of the other lawyers. Think about it this way – every time someone grabs his or her mobile phone, you will be right in front of him or her.

It’s just really cool. How many attorneys can claim to have their very own mobile application? Not many. It is just one more way that you can stand out from the crowd of competing law firms.

The bottom line is that the sooner you capture the attention and trust of your online visitors, the more likely you are to convert them into a client. A well-designed, targeted mobile application is an easy way to give your law firm a strong and compelling presence on the mobile web.

If you would like to find out how easy and inexpensive it is to provide your clients with a beautiful mobile app,  Contact us today!
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