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Real Estate Agent Mobile App!

1. Improve Customer Service:
In two touches, your clients can have your phone number and email address ready to go. Those who have smart phones are already living a more efficient way. Everything they want to research is at their fingertips. As a realtor, you want to be easily accessed when a client has a question or concern, and an iPhone application can open another form of communication with your valued clients.

2. Distinct Advantage:
It is important for you and your business to evolve with the technological advances so you stay ahead of your competition. Adding mobile marketing into your business strategy is really important because it reaches out to a target market that you could be missing out on. This marketing tool is very cost-effective and a great opportunity for your small business.

3. Loan Calculator:
This special feature can be a tab added to your application. Your customers are probably concerned about the cost of a monthly mortgage payment, so this would be a great opportunity to be there for them wherever they are. You’d be helping them assess how much they can afford, without having to set up an in-person meeting.

4. Push Notifications:
These are sent through your application, to those who have downloaded your app, and appear as a text message would on their phone. Think about how you currently notify your clients about new houses on the market. With an app, you can instantly send out a message to all of your clients informing them about new listings, special offers, and other informative information.

5. Attract New Customers: Think of all the people you know with smart phones. If they are like the majority of users, they spend a good amount of time searching for new and useful apps to download. By making an app for your business, you have the ability to attract new customers that you may have been missing out on.

Mobile apps for real estate agents get great results, and the agents that get them are always very happy with their decisions. You don’t have to be a technical wizard to know how to build a mobile app for real estate on your own. You can have a company like DKB Marketing Solutions do it for you. With hundreds of agents in your area, you need a competitive edge. Think about it – what makes you different from the real estate agent down the street?

One of the benefits of a mobile app for real estate agents is the answer to that question. Here’s the logic behind it: when a prospective client sees your real estate mobile app, they will first think that the other agents they have met didn’t take the time to impress them by having their own apps created. This will lead the client to conclude that if you invested this effort into making yourself more presentable to them, you will extend the same effort into getting them the results they want. Another benefit of having real estate agent mobile app is that it allows you to post a list of the homes that are currently for sale. They viewed by anyone that has downloaded the mobile app.

In order to succeed as a real estate agent in today’s economic conditions, you have to use the most state-of-the-art tools that are available to you. Nothing fits this bill more than a professionally designed and developed Real Estate Agent mobile app for your business. DKB Marketing Solutions is the best at the creation of outstanding mobile apps that are very functional and successful and most importantly won’t kill your pocket book.

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